Award-Winning Catalysts for Change

Each year we recognize the organizations and individuals using Laserfiche content-centric process automation and analytics to reimagine the future of work.

Be inspired by the creativity of these Run Smarter® and Industry award winners and the way they leverage various facets of Laserfiche — process automation, document and records management, integrations and intelligent content capture — to transform their organizations.

Process Automation

Streamline Work Enterprise-wide

Process automation creates agile organizations and enables them to streamline processes and keeps business moving at all times and in any situation. See how streamlining processes enabled these organizations to enhance the customer and employee experience and boost productivity.

Automating processes helps organizations:

  • Centralize tracking and reporting
  • Gather business process insight
  • Auto-route documents and approvals
  • Reduce unnecessary manual work

Speeding Up a Document-centric Process

Government Finance Officers Association reimagined its award process that recognizes governments that advance excellence in public finance. What was once a paper-based process is now managed by Laserfiche: it distributes task loads across hundreds of volunteers and a core team of internal reviewers. Since the automated process was launched in mid-2020, over 5,000 different government agencies and volunteer financial reviewers have registered.

Better Serving Clients

By automating its account opening process, wealth management firm Shufro Rose has removed the administrative and compliance burden from employees so they deliver a superior client experience. With its new automated process, Shufro Rose opened 234 accounts in 2020 and was on pace to open 70% more accounts in 2021. Read how process automation helped Shufro Rose elevate client service despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Laserfiche has enabled us to systematically navigate each process through appropriate steps and supervisory/compliance approvals based on the uniqueness of each scenario. We’ve built automated processes that take much of that administrative and compliance burden off individuals so that they can spend more time serving clients.” — Vibhaw Arya, chief operating officer

Saving Time to Create Better Health Outcomes

To create better health outcomes in its community, the Benzie-Leelanau Health Department uses features including Workflow, Bots and Quick Fields to capture data from water test results from multiple agencies and input them into the State of Michigan’s reporting system. This has reduced the reporting time by 75 to 80% while maintaining data accuracy. Get more insight into how the health department digitized processes and make life easier for employees by watching a presentation.

Increasing Productivity

Using Laserfiche, FCA Packaging transformed the accounts payable process — from a manual, paper driven activity to a streamlined, digital process that has accelerated response and payment times. Working with an extensive list of vendors and more than 1,000 employees across 35 locations, two staff members were assigned to reviewing financial statements and payment documentation manually and submitting completed invoices to stakeholders for approval.

The manual process could take up to four days to complete. The updated invoice approval process now takes just five hours.

“Not only has Laserfiche helped to improve customer and vendor satisfaction, but our staff have also been able to focus more on higher-value processes. It's changed the way we function here and just made us so much more efficient working together as a team.” — Sandra Lund, payroll manager

Document & Records Management

Centralize Content. Support Compliance.

From local governments to financial services firms to world-renowned enterprises, Laserfiche is a catalyst for change to centralize and safely store information.

Document and records management systems help organizations:

  • Centralize and organize content
  • Maintain control and transparency
  • Streamline content lifecycles

Accelerating How Work Happens

Tootsie Roll Industries streamlines its operations with Laserfiche. Most recently, it developed spec sheets using Laserfiche Forms to enable employees to safely and accurately store data. And, it launched a User Access Request form to streamline credential access approvals so employees can access the tools they need to do their jobs.

Driving Innovation for City Residents

The four-person Laserfiche team at the city of Georgetown fosters organization-wide innovation and collaboration while utilizing Laserfiche to achieve records management compliance, business process improvement and enhanced customer service. With over $300,000 in savings directly linked to the team’s projects, it continues to drive innovation at the city. Hear what the team at the city of Georgetown has to say about the benefits of Laserfiche.

“The use of the Laserfiche Public Portal has increased the free flow of information and, once again, confirmed our commitment to transparency, openness, and community engagement.” — Frances Sellers, records specialist

Elevating the Employee Experience

Stonehage Fleming has accelerated its adoption of Laserfiche to improve workflows and make the business more independent without the need to develop forms or manage metadata with input from IT.


Build Connected Experiences

Laserfiche integration tools bridge the boundaries across people, content processes data, connecting the essential apps your teams use every day. See how the integrations these organizations created with Laserfiche are driving change in the workplace and communities.

Integrating everyday apps helps organizations:

  • Create end-to-end experiences
  • Simplify development efforts
  • Create tailored solutions

Bridging the Digital Divide

To support remote learning, teleworking and access to virtual services to bridge the digital divide for its residents, the City of Tucson created its Community Wireless program. Residents start by filling out Forms built in Laserfiche, and the program is supported by multiple integrations with Laserfiche, including GIS and wireless carriers in Tucson.

Creating a Better User Experience

Adams 12 Five Star School District launched an online student enrollment system through an integration with its student information system, Infinite Campus, to create a more secure system. Beyond that, it created a better user experience by building a Chrome and Edge browser extension to retrieve student records through the Laserfiche SDK — without the need for staff and administrators to leave Infinite Campus.

“We launched this system in August 2020. So far, we have uploaded more than 70,000 records to Laserfiche. It would have been impossible without the system.” — David Wang, solution architect

Creating a Cohesive Work Experience

To create a seamless end-to-end experience across its departments, American United Federal Credit Union used Laserfiche APIs to integrate Laserfiche with its core accounting system, IT ticketing system and DocuSign. At first it utilized Workflow to move working documents between staff and to provide centralized tracking and reporting.

“And at the end of 2016, we added Laserfiche Forms, and the sky truly became the limit,” says Matthew Tingey, Senior Applications Specialist. See how American United Federal Credit Union saved thousands of hours with Laserfiche.

Intelligent Content Capture

Work Smarter

Intelligent capture puts your data to work for you by unlocking valuable information buried in your documents, processing high volumes of content, extracting data and automatically organizing files.

Intelligent content capture helps organizations:

  • Accelerate document intake
  • Extract data automatically
  • Reclaim time spent filing
  • Elevate the customer experience

Saving Thousands of Hours

American United Federal Credit Union didn’t just create a seamless end-to-end working experience using Laserfiche APIs, it also saved its teams thousands of hours using intelligent capture capabilities to streamline document scanning and import. By creating a Member Document Importer process, documents are consistently named and stored after being automatically imported into a repository. Hear from Vice President of Accounting and Operations Matthew Tingey as he discusses “bridging the gap” with Laserfiche.

Pivoting to Remote Work

Laserfiche Forms has been an integral part of the pandemic response for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. It has moved approximately 2200 employees to electronic time reporting, and that was just the beginning! Aspects of its new employee onboarding process have transitioned to Laserfiche, with more than 500,000 submissions and processes have expanded to other departments, human resources, financial affairs, employee health, compliance and more.

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