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We pioneered the paperless office 30 years ago, and have never stopped innovating. 


Our users are at the core of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing them the tools and resources for success. 


We bring our users together online and face-to-face, to empower each other and innovate together. 

Learn how organisations in the region streamline processes with Laserfiche!

PERI Scaffolding Speeds Invoice Processing With Laserfiche
PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Ltd, based in South Africa, is a global manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding and provides consultant, project and engineering services for the construction industry. 

Customer Testimonial 2018 Peri Scaffolding SS

“Feedback from our customers and our staff internally has been extremely positive, especially with the way to quickly and easily access and distribute documents.”

Jacques Lotriet, Business Analyst for PERI’s Financial Efficiency Projects.

  • Reduced accounts receivable and payable processing times from weeks to one day
  • Enabled customers to view invoices, see reminders and complete online payments entirely online
  • Saved $75,000 a year in printing and paper costs, creating a return on investment in the first year of Laserfiche use

Avis Fleet Services Improves Customer Relationships with Innovative IT Integrations

Avis Fleet Services is the largest fleet management company in South Africa. It operates in eight African countries including Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia. 


 “We’ve tightly integrated Laserfiche into all of our line of business applications, so making the transition of documents through all of these lines of business and operational systems seamless and transparent.

 Mike Kelly, Chief Information Officer
Avis Fleet   Services

  • 50% improvement of reduction in cost in respect to direct savings and upwards of 25% in productivity gains
  • Enabled structured filing of documents in a consistent manner
  • Simplified tasks, increased productivity and prevented duplication of effort



Leading for Innovation and Growth: Five Strategies for Driving Digital Transformation.


An organisation-wide digital strategy enables business leaders to implement

structural changes and tools that:

  • Improve the customer experience through process optimisation and analytics.
  • Save staff hours spent on bottlenecked approval processes, indexing and search and retrieval.
  • Integrate with current technologies to enable faster, more accurate internal processes and external services.
  • Promote transparency and regulatory compliance within the organization for a unified approach to achieving business goals and sustainability.


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Laserfiche ECM lets your organization automate, distribute, and access data with efficiency supported by these features:


— Easy-to-use, intuitive form builder with simple drag-and-drop design

—Effective workflow tools to streamline document-driven tasks

— User-friendly mobile apps for iOS, Android™ and Windows® devices

 — Industry-leading DoD (U.S. Department of Defense) 5015.2 Records Management Certification

— Solutions to quickly connect Laserfiche ECM with third party applications