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Many organizations struggle with legacy systems, proprietary systems and web applications that lack the functionality to integrate into their digital ecosystem.

This leads to “automaton gaps” in processes where teams need to log in, repetitively copy and paste data, or organize files to keep business moving.

Bots are small programs you can design and deploy without code to perform these tasks for you, closing these gaps in way that improves efficiency, accuracy and productivity across the enterprise.

What you'll learn

What is Records Management?

Records management is a specialized branch of document management that deals with information serving as evidence of an organization’s business activities. Records management includes a set of recognized practices related to the life cycle of that information, such as identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving and destroying records.

What Does a Records Management Application Do?

Records management applications simplify the life cycle management of business records without interfering with your organization’s line of business. A records management application supports the automatic enforcement of consistent, organization-wide records policies and reduces the cost of regulatory compliance.

How to Implement Electronic Records Management in Five Easy Steps

The first step in implementing electronic records management is to identify your organization’s problems, issues and pain points. Setting goals, making a plan, getting to work and sticking to your plan are all key steps in ensuring a successful implementation of an electronic records management (ERM) system.

Achieve end-to-end automation with Workflow Bots

Short learning curve

Create bots code-free by simply recording how you do everyday tasks. You can then deploy these bots to perform these actions with speed, accuracy and efficiency.


Bridging the gap

Use bots to integrate legacy platforms, proprietary systems or third-party websites into existing workflows, increasing your capability to deliver time-saving end-to-end automation.


Reduce data entry errors

Bots can process data faster and more accurately than the average person. This keeps systems consistent and less prone to errors, which can bolster efforts to maintain regulatory compliance.


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Simplify work by making content easily accessible and searchable

Digitize, organize and route your organization's content using powerful document management software features.


Secure Document Management

Restrict access to folders, documents, fields, and other granular document properties.


Oversee Your Repository

Track and audit every action on documents and folders throughout the enterprise.


Easy Document Versioning

Improve collaboration by tracking, displaying and comparing multiple versions of the same document in one place.

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