Episode Q2, 2018

  • Learn about new features in Laserfiche, including the public portal, app, reporting and more.  Click here for more information.
  • Registration for Laserfiche Spark live webcast is now open.  Click here to register.
  • Laserfiche staff volunteered to help the local community at a Habitat for Humanity build in Long Beach, CA.  Click here to learn more.
  • The new “Planning and Designing in Quick Fields” certification course is now available.  Click here to register for the course.

Episode 25

  • Laserfiche joins the nation in celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing the accomplishments of some of our female employees. Watch a video featuring women in technology here! 
  • Discover the benefits of attending Laserfiche events. Register here and get ready for a day of learning, networking and idea-sharing!
  • New Beginning Children's Homes is changing the lives of foster children with the help of Laserfiche Cloud. Read the full solution exchange article here! 

Episode 24

  • The new and interactive "Getting Started with Laserfiche" eBook is the quintessential resource for anyone to get up and running with Laserfiche.  Download the free eBook here!
  • Discover the new Laserfiche Cloud features, which include time saving enhancements, and more. Click Here for more information!
  • A business news magazine recently featured Laserfiche for corporate giving.  Learn how Laserfiche employees are donating time and resources for good causes.  Read the full article here! 

Episode 23

  • Empower Spark, a video webcast containing training sessions and hot topics from January’s Empower Conference, is now available on-demand. Watch here!
  • The Ultimate Guide to HR Automation eBook features tips and insights to help you save time on day-to-day busywork and focus more time helping your employees thrive.  Download here!
  • Discover how Robotic Process Automation is beginning to have a profound effect on business by accurately completing routine, repetitive tasks. Read the latest Simplicity 2.0 article.
  • Listen to our newest Laserfiche podcast, Simplicity 2.0Available in both iTunes and SoundCloud.

Episode 22

  • Applications for Run Smarter Awards are ending soon. Apply here!
  • Empower Spark is Laserfiche's first online conference. This exciting event premieres Wednesday, August 23rd at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT. Learn more here.
  • Check out Laserfiche's newest podcast, Simplicity 2.0!

Episode 21

Episode 20

Episode 19

Episode 14

  • Sarah Robillard, Senior Events Coordinator at Laserfiche, shares exciting details about what to expect at Empower 2017—including a preview of the lively and entertaining Empower 2017 Special Event! Visit the Empower activities page to learn more.
  • Channing Fleetwood, Product Marketing Manager for the Empower Conference, and Linda Ding, Manager of Vertical Marketing at Laserfiche, discuss the wide range of classes offered at Empower, tips for planning your schedule and how to use the Empower 2017 Course Picker.  Visit the Course Picker now to start planning your agenda!
  • Register for Empower 2017 while admission is still available!

Episode 13

  • Wesley Chen, Presales Engineer at Laserfiche, takes a moment to answer one of the most frequently asked questions in the Laserfiche community. To see more FAQs on Laserfiche Answers, click here.
  • Linda Ding, Senior Education Program Strategist at Laserfiche, discusses the hottest Business Process Library solutions that were on display at EDUCAUSE 2016—the nation's largest conference for higher education IT professionals.
  • To see how the Business Process Library can maximize efficiency for organizations in a wide range of industries, click here.

Episode 12

  • Anita Chiang, Presales Engineer at Laserfiche, takes a moment to answer one of your most frequently asked Laserfiche questions. To see more FAQs on Laserfiche Answers, click here.
  • Laserfiche's Senior Government Program Strategist, Katie Burke, shares details on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's presentation at the LA Digital Government Summit.
  • Read more about how the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department automates the hiring process with Laserfiche, resulting in dercreased hiring turnaround time, reduced paper consumption, improved engagement with potential hires and more!

Episode 11

  • Top Story: Mayor of Long Beach Awards Laserfiche with Long Beach Business Award.  Click here for the press release.
  • Click here to sign up for the Business Process Library Webinar.
  • South Africa user group was a success!  Watch Insider News on the left to hear the details!
  • Click here to discover the 3 Business Lessons to Capture from Pokémon Go.

What Happened at Empower 2017

Special Edition 3

  • Carl Hillier, Senior Director of Business Development at ABBYY, discusses the features in ABBYY's FlexiCapture Software; a new Laserfiche integration tool.  ABBYY joined the Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership Program earlier this year.
  • Learn more about ABBYY FlexiCapture here.

Episode 10

  • Top Story: Click here to apply for the Laserfiche Run Smarter Awards!
  • See which Laserfiche Customers were awarded a Top Digital County by reading our Congratulatory Blog Post.
  • Laserfiche Insider News celebrates their 10th episode!  Get the latest episodes sent to you by subscribing at the bottom of this page!

Episode 9

  • Top Story: Users can now submit Business Process Library suggestions or template proposals.  Click here to access the application. 
  • Click here to access any of the Webinar Wednesday courses available.
  • Ready to check out what Empower 2017 courses are available so far? Click here to visit our conference class picker.
  • Click here to access our Empower 2017 Justification Toolkit.

Special Edition 2

  • Laserfiche Insider News spoke with Software Test Engineer, Tessa Adair, to find out what users can expect in the recent release of Quick Fields 10.
  • Click here, for the official press release and to download Quick Fields 10.

Episode 8

  • Top Story: Laserfiche Releases Quick Fields 10.  Click here to find out the new features. 
  • Click here to learn how New York University plans to digitize "City Record."
  • Click here to get Super Early Bird Pricing for Empower 2017.
  • Click here to apply for your chance to win this year's Run Smarter Awards.

Episode 7

  • Top Story: SIGNiX joins Laserfiche as an integration tool. Click here to learn more about the features.
  • Click here to learn about ABBYY joining the Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership Program.
  • Ready to integrate?  Learn how to plan your integration by clicking here.
  • Click here to read about the rediscovered Wright Brothers patent that was missing for 36 years.

Episode 6

  • Top Story: Laserfiche Value Added Reseller Program Awarded 5 Star Rating by CRN.com.  Click here to read Business Wire's full story.  
  • Click here to read the International Data Corporation's analyst report on Laserfiche 10 and 10.1. 
  • Click here to register for EMPOWER 2017!

Special Edition 1

  • Laserfiche 10.1 has just been released.  Find out what new updates you can expect in our exclusive interview with Laserfiche Technical Marketing Engineer, Brandon Buccowich.
  • Join us on May 3rd for a Laserfiche 10.1 webinar opportunity hosted by Buccowich which you can sign up for here.

Episode 5

  • Top Story: Laserfiche Recieves DoD 5015.2 Certification.  Click here to visit our Answers page for more information.  
  • Click here to learn the 9 Sneaky Ways to Get Employees to Print Less. 
  • Click here to sign up for our upcoming webinars: Connector 10 and Laserfiche 10.1

Episode 4

  • Top Story: In this episode we interview two users that started their own Washington State Laserfiche User Group. 
  • Click here to see CEO Chris Wacker’s op-ed in the Orange County Register. 
  • Click here for more details about the upcoming Empower Middle East 2016 Conference.

Episode 3

  • Top Story: Laserfiche's Senior Vice President of Sales, Hedy Belttary, named a 2016 Channel Chief by CRN.com
  • Here is a link to the Harvarad Business Review article: Is Technology Weighing Efficiency Down at Work?  
  • Laserfiche 10 Highlight: Web Access 10's Integration with Laserfiche Discussions.

Episode 2

  • Top Story: International Data Corporation conducts ECM study.  Link to the article available here.
  • Monopoly goes paperless.
  • Chronicle for Higher Education upcoming webinar.  Check out our webinar page here.