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Pave the Path Towards a New Normal

Position your organization for success with these resources geared to help you embrace change, drive innovation and inspire confidence during times of uncertainty.

Five COVID-19 Related Forms
This article details five forms and process templates — from inventory tracking to time-off requests aligned with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act — to help you respond to the challenges of remote work among the COVID-19 crisis.
eBook: Techniques to Help You Manage a High-Performing Virtual Team
See how to overcome the challenges of supervising remote employees, build trust, open lines of communication and show that the team is performing — virtually — with this ebook.
Using Laserfiche to Work from Home
Learn how Laserfiche can prevent business process interruptions and provide a seamless remote working experience with the appropriate setup.

Discover how to effectively work and manage virtual teams, create a business continuity strategy and learn to leverage Laserfiche to adapt to the changing needs of your workforce in these webinars, case studies and guides.


How to Succeed at Working from Home
How can you stay productive, creative and inspired — and live up to expectations — when you’re alone in your house? Or when your spouse and kids are at home? Learn tips and tricks for adjusting to working remotely — from how to set up your workspace to use tech to your advantage.
Work from Home Checklist
From managing your time and improving communication skills to getting the most of your technology, we’ve created a checklist that will help you succeed at working from home despite the most challenging circumstances.
Using the Personal Kanban Method to Increase Productivity
Join this webinar to learn several techniques to manage your own personal workload and increase your focus and productivity no matter where you’re working from. By the end of the session, you will have the necessary tools to get your work life in order and get stuff done.
The Ultimate Guide to Business Continuity
Continuity planning is crucial in times of uncertainty. This guide covers how to create a risk assessment, business impact analysis, and disaster response and business continuity plans. Discover the tools and strategies to keep your business moving at all times, in any situation, on any device.
Techniques to Help You Manage a High-Performing Virtual Team
Geographically dispersed teams are becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace. Or maybe this environment has left you and your team unexpectedly working remotely. Learn strategies for effectively managing remote workers and steps to build trust and open lines of communication.
How Cowlitz County Uses Laserfiche to Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis
Read how one Washington county centralized information for its remote workforce, streamlined critical processes — including surveying long-term care facilities to determine the supply of personal protective equipment and COVID-19 tests — and easily communicate new coronavirus cases to the public.
Remote Work Roundtable: How Laserfiche Staff Stay Productive at Home
When it comes to working remotely, there’s a lot to figure out. In this webinar, our panel of Laserfiche staff present tips for how to make remote work more workable, including navigating partners and kids at home and making little changes that can result in big improvements.
Linn-Benton Community College Goes Remote
To quickly shift its students, faculty, staff and community to work, teach and learn remotely, it leveraged Laserfiche to automate processes for tracking loaned equipment, and requests for extended family and medical leave and more.
Ensuring Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Crisis
It’s never been more important to have a sound business continuity strategy. This blog post covers what to consider when creating a business continuity strategy and provides examples of organizations that have preserved daily business life amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
Firm Operations and Client Service Runs Seamlessly During COVID-19
With operational processes in Laserfiche well before the COVID-19 outbreak, New York City-based independent wealth management firm Shufro Rose relied on digital strategy and automation processes to operate and service clients seamlessly despite the transition to telecommuting.
Oneida County Enhances Communication and Collaboration During COVID-19
The New York county embraced digital transformation long before the pandemic. That approach resulted in an easier transition to a remote workforce, and same-day turnaround time of Laserfiche processes related to its COVID-19 response being accessible online.
How Silverthorne, CO Awarded 92 Small Business Emergency Grants With the Help of Laserfiche
To help its businesses that rely heavily on tourism amidst the mandatory shut down of non-essential businesses due to COVID-19 the Town Council allocated $350,000 in emergency grants. Learn how the town used Laserfiche Forms and Workflow to award 92 grants.

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