Laserfiche Spark 2021

Spark Big Ideas

A new Laserfiche webinar series

July 7 - September 15, 2022

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Spark Big Ideas Webinar Series

Laserfiche Spark is a new biweekly webinar series exploring the key ideas around digital resilience. Each webinar centers around a thought-provoking question and how the Laserfiche platform fits into larger societal conversations.

The past few years have brought both challenges and opportunities to evolve our digital operations. Whether you’re finding new ways to stay connected across the enterprise or adapting to changing customer expectations, discover your next big idea in this webinar series as you and other innovators drive change in workplaces around the globe.

  • How do you define the digital workplace?

    July 7, 2022
    11 a.m. PT | 2 p.m. ET

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    The digital workplace offers employees more flexibility than ever before.

    As more people choose remote or hybrid work schedules, organizations need to set up their employees for greater collaboration without risking data security. Laserfiche’s flexible collaboration and empowerment tools support operational efficiency and accountability.

    During this webinar, we’ll cover how to:

    • Utilize process automation to increase efficiency and transparency in processes
    • Leverage integration points in Laserfiche to increase team collaboration
    • Set up administration tools to support data security and compliance
    • Discover tangible ways to start or to continue your journey of creating a digital workspace
  • What role does innovation play in the modern workplace?

    July 21, 2022
    11 a.m. PT | 2 p.m. ET

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    Technology has changed the world more in the past few years than in the last few decades. The need for innovation has become a must and all of us have had to become innovators as we respond to rapid changes and imagine better possibilities around us.

    In response, Laserfiche has launched our new Solution Marketplace to help drive innovation with pre-built solution templates and low-code automation tools.

    If you are already an innovator and want to share your expertise or are looking for ideas on how to become a better one, join us for this Spark Big Ideas webinar to see how Laserfiche is being utilized and get inspired on how you can further transform and innovate your organization.

  • What does the connected enterprise look like?

    August 4, 2022
    11 a.m. PT | 2 p.m. ET

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    The modern, connected enterprise brings content, processes, people and data together.

    A workforce that develops an enterprise approach or mindset can respond quickly to changing circumstances and growing needs whether they are a small municipality or a multimillion corporation. Laserfiche supports the connected enterprise through new integration options that reduce information silos, improve data integrity and security, and provide seamless experiences.

    Join us in a conversation with the Director of Information Technology for the Town of Leesburg, VA, Jakub Jedrzejczak, and our Laserfiche Director of Product Management, Justin Pava, as they discuss what a connected enterprise looks like in the modern and future workplace.

  • How can we foster connections with customers and adapt to shifting expectations?

    August 18, 2022
    11 a.m. PT | 2 p.m. ET

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    With many services going contactless or remote, the customer experience puzzle has gotten more complicated and complex. How can businesses uphold quality communication and keep users connected with minimal interruptions?

    Join us in a conversation with members of our Laserfiche community on how they have been able to successfully utilize Laserfiche’s digital content portals, file sharing tools and automated processes to successfully stay engaged and connected with others.

    ¿Cuál es el futuro de la transformación digital en Latinoamérica?

    August 31, 2022
    8 a.m. PT | 10 a.m. CT (CDMX)
    en Español

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    Spark Big Ideas es una nueva serie de webinars que se llevarán a cabo cada dos semanas para los clientes de Laserfiche, aquí se exploraran ideas claves en torno a la resiliencia digital. Cada webinar se centra en una pregunta distinta que invita a la reflexión y cómo la plataforma Laserfiche encaja en las conversaciones de la sociedad en general.
    Las empresas y organizaciones latinoamericanas se han enfrentado a una serie desafíos únicos y han descubierto numerosas nuevas oportunidades en los últimos años. Mirando hacia el futuro, ¿qué papel puede desempeñar la tecnología en la creación de un lugar de trabajo digitalmente resistente? Una de las opciones en que podemos apoyar a nuestras organizaciones es utilizando tecnología como Laserfiche para acelerar la manera de hacer negocios.

    Descubra cómo Laserfiche puede ayudarle a:

    • Cumplir con las altas expectativas de los clientes existentes, digitalmente a través de plantillas electrónicas y flujos de trabajo pre-configurados.
    • Permitir a su personal innovar y crear sus propios procesos de negocio automatizados.
    • Construir un lugar de trabajo digital y seguro que se adapte a sus empleados sin comprometer la seguridad.
    • Desarrollar una empresa conectada con opciones de integración que reduzcan los silos de información.

    Acompáñenos a discutir cómo Laserfiche puede ayudar a su estrategia de transformación digital.

  • EMEA
    What is the future of digital transformation in EMEA?

    September 15, 2022
    2 p.m. GST

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    Businesses and organizations based in the EMEA region have faced a unique set of challenges and discovered numerous new opportunities over the last few years. As we look towards the future, what role can technology play in creating a digitally resilient workplace? One way we can support our organisations is by using technology like Laserfiche to accelerate how business gets done.

    Find out how Laserfiche can help you:

    • Deliver on the high expectations of today’s digitally native customers through pre-built solution templates and workflows.
    • Empower your workforce to innovate and create their own automated business processes.
    • Build a digital workplace that meets your employees where they are without compromising on security.
    • Develop a connected enterprise with integrations options that reduce information silos.

    Join us as we discuss how Laserfiche can help aid your digital transformation strategy.