eBook: The Document Management Software Buyer's Guide

Learn how a document management system can help you digitally capture, secure and organize content across the enterprise, including documents, images, videos and more. Download our guide to learn about advanced content management features and how you can procure the right platform for your organization.

What’s inside the guide?

  • A clear definition of document management and its benefits.
  • Document management system use cases with real-world examples.
  • Factors you should consider when comparing document management systems.
  • A step-by-step guide to the DMS platform procurement process.

What you Can

Save Time

  • Answering information requests from clients, citizens and auditors immediately, eliminating call-backs and phone tag
  • Cut time spent copying and distributing documents to staff, branch offices and outside contacts.
  • Eliminate lost documents that must be recreated and refiled and spend less time filing them once they’re found

Raise the Bottom Line

  • IDC has shown a five-year return on investment (ROI) of 404%. Half of the organizations in the study had a payback as early as six months.
  • Gartner, Inc. estimates a 40% document-related cost reduction with document management systems.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

  • Make unstructured data (e.g. documents, emails, photographs, etc) accessible, searchable, available and relevant.
  • Provide the right information at the right time, making sure that no information is overlooked
  • Enabling employees to share documents quickly and securely with clients

Key Takeaways from the Document Management Buyer's Guide

Benefits of a Document Management System

Learn how document management tools can improve business efficiency and reduce costs all while keeping teams in the loop on ongoing projects.


Choosing the Right Platform For Your Business

Understand how to evaluate competing document management systems to help your organization choose the platform that best meets your needs.


Document Management System In Action

Discover real-world applications for document management systems to get inspired on how you can implement document management across departments.


Download the Document Management Buyer’s Guide

Start with this easy-to-follow buyer's handbook on the most important features to consider.

Search for documents by keyword, identifying information, user name, and many other custom search types

Power Collaboration, Organize Your Content

Organize important information across the enterprise so the right people have access to the right content whether they're in the office, working remotely or they're a client or constituent accessing documents.


Connect and Collaborate with Teammates and Customers

Simultaneously edit documents with internal team members, publish read-only content to a public portal, or share content with external clients via trackable links.


Search and Retrieve Files at Scale

Quickly locate files and view documents across the enterprise by centralizing and organizing content in a repository with comprehensive search capabilities.


Improve Transparency Without Sacrificing Security

Fine-grained to group-level access control provides many administrator options to restrict user actions and access to sensitive files, while audit trail provides visibility into who accessed what content and when.

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