The Ultimate Guide to HR Automation

According to a study conducted for Sage, 73% of HR leaders and 76% of C-Suite executives said the balance of HR work is often more administrative and process-focused.

And 83% of HR leaders cited lacking the right technology as a challenge to streamline tactical work.

Download this guide to learn how HR automation helps organizations spend less time on busywork and more time helping employees thrive.



Gain a clear understanding of HR automation and how it can benefit an organization.


Learn to identify tasks that are top candidates for automation.


Discover how using the latest technologies can yield new efficiencies.


Explore success stories from organizations that implemented HR automation.

Work Smarter with Optimized Processes

Design No-Code Workflows

Map out and automate tasks in your manual business processes with a code-free drag-and-drop designer to take an item from “initiated” to “complete.”

Quickly Route Data with Digitized and Automatable Forms

Eliminate paper forms, speed up manual approvals and automatically route completed form information into your CRM, ERP or legacy system.

Gain Actionable Business Intelligence

Use data-based insights from your automated processes to remove bottlenecks and make informed business decisions.

Learn how a Content Services Platform can transform your business

intelligent content capture
Content Management

Organize data enterprise-wide so the right people can access the right content, whether they’re in the office, working remotely or are a client accessing documents.

process automation
Process Automation

Better allocate resources by automating vendor onboarding, accounts receivable, contract management and more—no coding required.

platform service
Intelligent Data Capture

Unlock valuable information with AI-capture tools that process high volumes of content, extract data and automatically organize files.

Unify the Systems Your Teams Use Every Day

Unite the applications your teams rely on, such as Salesforce and DocuSign, with the automated processes of Laserfiche Cloud — including direct and custom integrations as well as last-mile integration tools powered by RPA technology.

Automatically Sync Your Data with Direct Integrations

Integrate directly with Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, DocuSign, Ellucian and Redtail with tailored interactions that reduce development efforts.

Create Custom Integrations that Fit Your Business

Leverage custom integration tools for developers to create synergy with your existing infrastructure and software applications.

Integrate Legacy Systems with RPA

Use workflow bots that capture information from third-party websites, spreadsheets and other applications to integrate legacy and proprietary systems.

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