Simplify Contract Review and Approval with Automation

Managing complex contracts doesn’t need to involve complex administrative work. An automated, electronic contract management system reduces the burden on employees and allows your legal, financial and sales professionals to make better use of their expertise.

Electronic contract management

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In fact, an Aberdeen Group study found that businesses with the shortest contract approval times were 84 percent more likely to have automated routing processes in place and 77 percent more likely to send auto-notifications of key contract dates.

This handbook offers an introduction to creating an electronic contract management process that curbs costs, improves productivity and reduces delays in contract negotiation and approval.

Learn how to automate every step of contract processing with:

  • Five proven steps to identifying and solving contract bottlenecks
  • An overview of the seven stages of the contract lifecycle—and how to automate each one
  • Advice on streamlining multi-department review and versioning
  • Before-and-after examples from two large organizations
  • Examples of filing structures and contract templates to standardize contract storage
  • Real workflows used to expedite contract processing and approval

You’ll come away with a clear plan for reducing time spent filing documents, transferring contract versions between employees, making photocopies, gathering signatures and more. Plus, you’ll get tips for convincing your coworkers and vendors to get on board with an electronic contract management process.

Spend less time creating contracts and resolving disputes and more time implementing projects by downloading this free guide.

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